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A Futurist, A Keynote Speaker Author of The Future In The Present
An Entrepreneur that have garnered over 20 business and IT awards

CEO of Optimus.AI
Co-Founder and CEO of Imperium Solutions

Tony Tan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Imperium, an AI, Metaverse, and Cyber Security company that has received over 20 industry and business awards.

He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker in Asia as a Futurist on the disruptive digital landscape for businesses and consumers alike. He is the host of The Tony Tan Show and Podcast and the author of the Amazon Bestselling book: The Future In The Present, How AI Will Impact Your Life.

Tony has helped over 300,000 corporate users from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, optimize their life and business results by leveraging the power of AI.

Tony is also the CEO of Optimus.AI an AI start-up and creator of the EPIC which fuses the potential of AI and the strengths of humanity to create ‘The AI-Powered Influencer’ – A new generation Influencer who communicates powerfully and creates stronger connections with optimized productivity.

In keeping his sanity in check, Tony went on to become a certified Mindfulness and Meditation coach to instil creativity, joy, and peace amid AI and Metaverse adoptions to harmonize human and machine intelligence together.

Tony Tan : CEO and Co Founder of Imperium
Imperium help businesses harness the power of digital disruptions to solve problems and be the next market leader.

At Imperium, we provide the following services:

  • Cybersecurity Cyber attacks can cause significant disruption, Imperium can help reduce these risk significantly.
  • Automation Let Imperium show you how to utilize cutting edge automation solutions to achieve higher productivity.
  • Artificial Intelligence Imperium help businesses to harness advancements in AI to solve complex problems and be the next market leader.
  • Big Data Analytics Imperium optimizes business by harnessing big data sets to drastically improve digital services and security postures.
  • Cloud Solutions Imperium cloud services helps business to reduce upfront cost and complexity while making their business highly agile.
  • End User Experience Imperium puts your employees at the heart of IT by creating digital experiences that unlocks their productivity.


Tony Tan : CEO and Founder of Optimus.AI

Tagline: Optimizing Humanity for Tomorrow

Optimus.AI was founded as an AI based outfit to research and harnessed cutting-edge AI tools and concepts to amplify humanity’s potential for good through technological augmentation.

Optimus.AI focus on utilizing AI to augment humanity in areas of communications while supporting solutions for sustainability and aging populations.

The Data Scientist and engineering team works closely with both global organizations and leading-edge technological partners to identify use cases that could make a meaning contribution for a better world for humanity every day.


Tony Tan : Co Creator of EPIC

EPIC stands for Exponential Presentation and Influencing Coach. Artificial Intelligence.

Epic is a flagship AI solution of Optimus.AI.

The No.1 skill the worlds needs today is communication.  Question is how to we master this core skill with the best coaches without breaking the bank and yet accessible to 7 x 24 hours?

EPIC harness leading edge AI technologies to provide a complete analysis of your presentation sessions from verbal to the critical nonverbal communications. EPIC breaks down each parameter of your presentation from tonality, energy timeline, body movements to filler words to ensure you master your communications and presentations to be a powerful influencer from a professional to a content creator.

Feedbacks are provided by prerecorded videos from world renown global speakers, so you know that you have the best coaches supporting you on your communication mastery journey.

When you are augmented by AI, you will amplify your influence, to leapfrog the competition and rise above the noise.

And most importantly, to be you will become Unstoppable!

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Leader Of Speakers Tribe Singapore from 2019 to 2022

Speakers Tribe Singapore is part of a global Tribe of influencers who work ceaselessly through constant practices to master the number 1 skill in the world : Communication

Speakers Tribe Singapore facilitates by providing continuous feedback to authors, influencers, speakers and leaders who wants to upgrade their communication and presentation skills to make a positive difference for humanity.

Tony Tan : Host of The Tony Tan Show

A curated series of video podcasts about providing clarity on the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Disruptions to 10X your results. Sharing how digital disruptions like AI, when combined with powerful mental models based on ancient wisdom, will fulfill one’s potential and amplify them to live a fantastic life!

In this channel you will find :
  • Interviews with industry leaders to get insights on AI and Digital Innovations to transform your results
  • What is Artificial Intelligence, why is it critical to you and how you will benefit from it
  • Digital Innovations are converging and how to prepare yourself for the future
  • What are the mental models you need to build to embrace change
  • What are the methods to develop a positive and resilient mental core
  • How to live an amazing life

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Tony Tan : Best Selling Author, The Future In The Present, How AI will Impact Your Life

This book attempts to make some sense of the technological possibilities that await us in an increasingly automated world—one where artificial intelligences (AIs) make more and more decisions for us.

Will they bring us closer to the wondrous future imagined in, say, Star Trek, with its holodecks and material prosperity for all? Or will we fall into darkness and find ever more ways to destroy one another, like in Black Mirror or Dr. Strangelove?

As the nuclear age has shown us, there are deadly consequences if we get this wrong. The more capable and useful a new tool is for good, the worse and more destructive it will be when turned to the wrong ends. Ever since early man began setting fires and building weapons, we’ve known this principle. The same fires that kept our ancestors warm (and enabled them to see at night and cook their food) also destroyed entire forests. The same dynamite that lets us mine the earth and blast new paths through solid rock can level entire cities, and the same computers that give us such convenience can allow hackers and identity thieves to take over our lives.

Science fiction poses questions, and history can go some way towards answering them. In this book, we’ll be exploring several reasons for this, and preparing you, the reader, for a future that’s both more uncertain than ever but far more exciting to explore and live in.

It’s on this journey that we’ll discover causes for both optimism and pessimism (and learn why we’ll always need both), the need for a high view of humanity that science and engineering alone cannot provide, and how we can choose the good and avoid the bad so that life gets as good as it can, for the most people possible

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.” – Mark Twain.

My photography journey has it seeds in my life philosophies of living the day each day as your last and life is short live it to the fullest. I have always been a big history fan and spiritual in nature. I realize if life is so transient and our memories are bound to be limited and it will deteriorate over time, who not it be wise to capture the key moments of it and relive it again forever ?

So when I came upon photography, I realize that was my answer, the younger I take up this hobby and the more images I take, the more I preserve my life !!

With these thoughts in mind and my passion for history, I started traveling and taking images to share with both friends, family and customers. Travelling and photography are powerful companions, the star crossed lovers of the modern world. The feeling of meeting people from diverse background, sharing their culture and joys, food and drinks across so many different countries in so many different remote places fills your heart with unspeakable appreciation of life and heightens the concept of humility, love and beauty.

As a spiritual person, one sees and understand wisdom from nature and with the endless conversations with people around the world. From the Himalayan mountains down to the buzzing streets of Bangkok. You just contemplate and learn so much when you listen and observe silently, absorbed totally in those moments.

I guess my life is coming together now that I am older and have understand myself better. I am bringing all my philosophies and passion for life together in combining all the key elements that are represented in my images and the places that they are taken.

My mission is to share Joy, Beauty, Celebrate life and to Dispel Misconceptions through my images. Remove the dirt of judgement and conditioning so that the true nature of life and culture shines through.

I have since work on a photo exhibition together with the Asian National Geographic Magazine on India, from the spiritual and holy sites like Varanasi to the royal palaces in Udaipur. My images have also been shortlisted by National Geographic Magazine and by the Sony World Photography organization .

I am currently working on 2 multi-year projects on Silk Road from China to Venice and to document Buddhism in Asia. Look forward to publish 2 Coffee Table Books based on these 2 subjects that I am so passionate about.

Many thanks for visiting my photo site and sharing the experience together.

The journey continues….

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo

Tony Tan : Meditation and Wisdom Coach

AI and the future of the metaverse together with other emerging technologies will change humanity both for good and bad, it’s been a fact with all inventions since fire was first embraced by humanity.

The potential of digital innovations allows us to do the impossible and promises greater convenance and ever more immersive experience for us all. With each industrial revolution, humanity creates more wealth yet at the same time introduce new and powerful challengers to humanity.

To make sense of the fast-evolving world we live in today which will even be faster in the future, we need to be grounded and be mindful. Digital technologies will strain human connections especially with the maturity of the Metaverse.

In order to harness technologies to be both meaningful and beneficial to humanity, we need to be mindful of their applications or we could end up in a dark and fragmented world where technologies are used for pure social, economic and military exploitation.

As a meditation coach, I am convinced of utilizing practices to stay connected to oneself, to find creativity, peace and joy in this noisy world and be very mindful on ethical implication of emerging technologies and only introduce them once we know how to ringfence them from negative abuse and usage.

Just because we can does not mean we should.

“To master technology, you must first master your mind”

Quote by Vikas Malkani


Amazon Bestseller


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