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Quantum Mind Models

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Technologies including Artificial Intelligence and the future of the Metaverse are going to change the way we live, work and play. It will augment and amplify the potential of humanity if harnessed correctly with proper mental models. On the flip side, these technologies could also lead to fear, negativity and social distancing.

The Quantum Mental Models are designed and modeled to help humanity to invoke innovative ideas and mindfulness in order to maximize the potential of these amazing technologies for both personal and professional growth in this fast-moving world.

The powerful models are here to put fear and anxieties of technology adoption to rest, be resilient to negative doubts and trolling. The models will provide motivation to move from procrastination of harnessing these technological changes to a be a mindful and creative person of action.

The QMM models once practiced and understood will ground humanity in a place of deep human connection, joy and peace while enjoying the many benefits of technological advances.

Jointly created and curated by Vikas Malkani and Tony Tan

Vikas is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Global Speaker and a Trusted Advisor & Coach to CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Celebrities & Royalty.

He is also a TEDx Speaker and a Coach who trains individuals and companies to build a life of wisdom, wealth and wholeness and get maximum results with minimum effort.

Vikas has been called ‘The World’s #1 Wisdom Coach’ and has shared platforms with luminaries like John Travolta, Vice President Al Gore, Mel Gibson, Jack Canfield, Dr John F DeMartini, Steve Wozniak, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales & David ‘Hitman’ Foster.

Preparing For The Future Of The Metaverse

60 minutes Keynote
90 minutes Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Course

The Future of The Metaverse will deeply impact the world we live in with technologies harnessing the potential of Web 3.0 including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchains. De Centralized finance and Non-Fungible Tokens all coming together to create a powerful digital reality.

What exactly is this Metaverse all about and why does it matter to every person and organization on earth from individuals, small businesses to fortune 500 enterprises?

Once clarity is obtained the next question is how to embrace and utilize the potential of the Metaverse to create a powerful presence with new marketing and branding concepts for both individuals and organizations. How to be a first mover in these new digital realms and create new revenue and product streams to be the next leader in your field.

In the keynotes and courses, the future of the Metaverse will be decoded. You will appreciate the power of this evolutionary concept with deep understanding of its potential and use cases for both personal and professional growth.

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