AI: Friend or Foe?

About The Episode

AI is a very divisive technology – many people have different understandings on what AI can and cannot do.

To some, it’s a Terminator, destroying the world. To some, it’s an Avenger, out to help humanity.

In my work as a technology entrepreneur, I’ve been asked two very important questions: Will AI destroy humanity, and will it take away human jobs?

Let Data scientist Colin Priest share with you his insights and answers to these two critical questions in this episode.

00:01:26 What Does It Take To Be a Data Scientist and Why?
00:04:51 Why is AI So Divisive In Its Potential?
00:06:32 The 3 Types of AI Today
00:22:41 Will AI Destroy Humanity
00:26:14 Will AI Replace Human Jobs
00:28:40 How To Co-exist with AI
00:34:33 Adoption of AI by Enterprise and Leaders
00:40:30 Personal Branding, Communications Skills and Leadership

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