AR and VR Unpacked! What You Must Know!

About The Episode

They are not just for video games anymore. Between the challenges of remote work introduced by the pandemic and the accelerating technological progress that’s affecting every facet of the economy, businesses are looking towards immersive tech to bridge the gap. These technologies include Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Curious about the difference between AR and VR, and how they will benefit or impact our future?

00:02:29 The Story of Immersively
00:03:48 Why are AR & VR taking off, Use Cases
00:10:42 What is Mixed Reality?
00:12:27 Headsets and VR
00:16:28 Why and What are Haptic Sensors
00:20:22 The Dangers of VR and AR
00:37:18 Does AR/VR with AI Take Away Jobs?
00:40:22 How Does a Business Embark on AR/VR?
00:44:52 A Journey of an AR/VR Technology Entrepreneur

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