Driverless Cars: Is It Happening?

About The Episode

Driverless car – will it ever happen?

For too long, companies like Google and Tesla have been promising us the imminent arrival of this technology, and yet, we’re seeing that timeline being moved back time and time again. What obstacles have they been facing, and will these obstacles ever be overcome? Will we ever see driverless cars on the highways?

Let Franco Chiam, GM of Daimler Southeast Asia – the holding company of Mercedes-Benz, share his insights on driverless car with you in the upcoming Tony Tan Show. Stay tuned.

0:01:55 Current State and Advantages of Driverless Cars
0:04:56 Different Levels of Driving Automation
0:07:05 Ethics of AI behind Driverless Cars
0:11:28 Cybersecurity in Cars
0:13:26 Will Driverless Cars Happen?
0:15:02 Data and Digital Convergence for Transportation
0:16:57 Automation and Jobs
0:21:04 How to Co-exist with AI
0:24:45 Leadership Skills Needed for the Age of AI
0:30:52 Personal Growth in Life
0:37:18 Outro

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