Fashion and Dressing for The Digital Age

About The Episode

In this episode, we discuss where fashion and dressing is headed into today’s digital and zoom world which we live in.

How do we dress well and make an impression for online meetings? And what clothes should we invest in to make a difference? What does it take to survive in this brutal world of stiff competition, distrust, and digital disruptions? How do we optimise life in spite of these challenges?

Let Kenneth and Lyn from The Gentlemen’s Tale share their insights on optimising fashion wear!

0:01:06 The World’s Most Advance Tailoring Minibus
0:06:20 How Digital Technology is Optimising Tailoring
0:24:39 Dressing Well for Remote Work (Women)
0:30:20 Will the Suit Still Have a Role in Business Wear?
0:34:45 Dressing Well for Remote Work (Men)
0:38:33 History of the Double-Breasted Suit
0:44:20 The True Story of Entrepreneurs
1:09:54 One Habit to Optimise Life

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