Good AI vs Bad AI In Cyber Security

About The Episode

Why is Identity management so important in today’s digital world we live in? How does AI play a critical role for both good and bad actors? What does it take a be a great cyber security specialist?

Join us today where we invite Ben King, Chief Information Security Officer of Okta to share and discuss the current and future state of the fast-evolving scene of Cyber Security!

00:00:27 Who is Okta and What is Identity Management
00:02:52 The Pandemic and The Rise of Cybercrimes
00:05:36 What is Ransomware and The Growth of Such Attacks
00:18:35 State Sponsored Attacks
00:20:01 The Threat Caused By The Internet of Things
00:25:50 Cyber Warfare
00:32:27 AI In Cyber Security
00:40:38 Okta For Cyber Security
00:45:15 What Makes A Great Cyber Security Specialist

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