Robotic Digital Workers Vs. Humans: Who Wins?

About The Episode

As the machines working alongside humans continue to evolve, workers will need to adapt. That means that, engaging in continuous learning and adaptation, acquiring new skills and upgrading existing ones throughout their working lives.

Let Serene Keng, the Senior Director of Automation Anywhere, share with you insights and tips on how to co-exist with digital workers to optimise your performance.

0:00 The Current state of Robotic Digital Workers in the Corporate Workspace
14:11 Co-Existence with Robotic Digital Workers
23:35 Advice for Enterprises on How To Field a Successful Digital/Human Workforce
29:11 Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work
35:13 Critical Skills to Adopt in the Age of AI
46:22 Digital Leadership Skillsets to Succeed in the Age of AI
55:40 Personal Branding and Communication Skills
58:10 Personal Growth Tips
59:00 Outro

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