Cyber Security In The Age Of Pandemic

About The Episode

Cyber Security attacks are a serious threat to both companies, digital workers working from home and anyone with internet connections. The Covid -19 pandemic and future pandemics will accelerate these attacks. In recent months, some of the best protected international companies has been breeched and Singapore E Commerce companies has not been spared.

Find out why pandemics creates more cyber crimes and what is the state of cyber security today. Are we winning this eternal battle?

Learn about how to protect your companies and your personal home from attacks listen to this podcast.

0:00 Intro
2:06 Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes during Covid 19
10:24 Tips on Securing your Home Network from Cyber Attacks
16:36 Outsource or Insource Cyber Security Protection
20:30 Co-Existence with AI/Digital Innovations
29:00 New Leadership Skills for Today’s Fast-moving World
33:41 The Role of Personal Branding and Communicating Skills
40:47 Personal Story of Resilience to Succeed
51:21 Outro

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