The Future of Work is Now!

About The Episode

The Future Of Work is here powered by different generation of workers, different types of workers from contract workers, gig workers to digital bots and the rapid pace of digital innovation adoption.

There is anxiety about how to stay relevant in this new way of work and how to co-exist with digital innovations including automation and artificial intelligence.

In this podcast we will drive deep into the future of work and how to navigate these changes and harness the changes to optimize performance to not just stay relevant to excel in these new work dynamics and maximize the amazing possibilities that the future holds in the workspace.

0:00 – 11:47 The Future Of Work
11:49 – 17:45 Workforce augmented by AI
17:46 – 27:50 Co-Existence with Digital Innovations
27:51 – 38:10 Leadership for the Future Of Work
38:11 – 43:05 The power of personal branding and Leadership
43:06 – 47:00 Tips on Digital Transformation and end user experience
51:55 – 55:00 A Personal Story of Growth

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