S1E2 : The Rise of Digital Enterprises: Go Digital or Fade to Irrelevance?

About The Episode

In the last 10 years we have seen the rise of powerful Digital Enterprises that have disrupted entire industries and became market leaders from international organisations such as Facebook, Google Netflix, Amazon, Alibaba to Singapore’s own Grab and Carousell.

Companies all over the world are digitalizing rapidly to become a Digital Enterprise and nearly 75% of Singapore firms have been accelerating their digitalisation efforts in 2020.

But is this a zero-sum game? Will companies fade into irrelevance if they do not accelerate their digitalization efforts?

Learn about the difference between digitization and digitisation, how to go about it and the leadership skills to bring about these transformative benefits to your organizations.

0:00 Intro
2:48 Digitisation: Is It A Zero-sum Game?
32:50 The Advantages of A Digital Organisation Today
39:00 Robinsons Case Study and Transformation Advice
56:10 Leadership For Tomorrow
1:15:40 Outro

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