The Search for Connection in a Lonely World And The Metaverse

About The Episode

The positive potential for the future of the Metaverse are vast and will change humanity in many ways, yet there is a very dark side of this new digital frontier if we are not made aware and don’t manage it well. It might even tear the human social fabric apart.

It’s called loneliness.

As we find ourselves more immersed in the immersive worlds that is the Metaverse, we will lose the ability to connect and communicate with fellow human beings. If this is left unchecked, it will cause a future pandemic: The Pandemic of Loneliness.

Find out the impact of this silent pandemic called loneliness and how it had a profound impact on both our physiological and psychological health as Simone Heng, a human connection specialist and the best-selling author of the “Secret Pandemic” shares her thoughts and tips on how to be a socially dynamic human with beautiful and healthy connections!

00:01:18 The Story of Simone Heng and The Secret Pandemic
00:09:03 Loneliness The Secret Pandemic
00:18:14 Metaverse and its impact on loneliness
00:24:15 The Universe and manifestations of life
00:29:22 Tips to have greater human connections
00:35:09 Simones’s way of relaxation

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