Wisdom in the Age of AI with Vikas Malkani: Part 2

About The Episode

Everyone wants more success and happiness in their lives, but how do we attract more happiness and how do we create more successes? And how do we achieve both with the least amount of effort?

We’re very fortunate to have the world’s #1 wisdom coach, Vikas Malkani, back on the podcast to share with us the secrets to getting more happiness, create more wealth and abundance, and using meditation as a practice to amplify your life and live your true potential.

0:01:11 Why Do We Need Wisdom?
0:07:59 3 Step Formula Leads to Success in Life
0:20:43 How to Get More Happiness in Life
0:30:18 90/10 Formula to Happiness
0:32:56 Self-Love and Celebrate Life
0:40:02 Why Training the Mind is Key to Life
1:02:33 Mental Models and AI

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